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A co-educational, voluntary day school under the patronage

of the Church of Ireland located in Greystones, County Wicklow

Roll No. 68081J     Charity No. 20148591





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31 aug 2017 - 3rd year

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Temple Carrig Secondary School will offer students a full curriculum of core and optional courses in state of the art educational facilities. Although the school is new, pupils will benefit from a curriculum concession to ensure that the school is resourced and staffed to meet the needs and expectations of students and parents.

The curriculum for years 1 – 3 that will be offered is as follows:

The Curriculum (1st - 3rd Year) – Core

Irish       4 (40 min) periods per week

English  5 periods

Maths    5 periods

Science  4 periods

Religious Education 2 periods

Physical Education 2 periods

Sports   2 periods

The Curriculum (1st - 3rd Year) – Core Short Courses

Personal Development 2 periods

(Citizenship, Health Education, IT skills & Career Guidance)

History    2 periods

Geography   2 periods

The Curriculum (1st – 3rd Year) – Optional Courses

Long Courses (4 periods a week)

Metalwork  Business  Home Economics French  German

Tech. Graphics  Art   Spanish  Music  Italian

Short Courses (2 periods a week)

Performance Arts Music    Literacy Skills  

Advanced Maths Sports Science  Creative Writing

The Curriculum (Senior Years)

Transition Year will be compulsory and will be a vibrant part of the life of the school.

The Leaving Cert curriculum will offer a similarly comprehensive array of subject option.

Subject to demand, the school will also offer Leaving Certificate Applied and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.

There will be an extremely wide variety of extra-curricular options available and we will expect/need EVERYONE to get involved in some way.


Music will be available to Leaving Cert Higher Level but will also be part of the school for personal enjoyment.  We anticipate concerts, talent shows and performances throughout the year.  A thriving Music Department will be a key feature of the life of the school with an orchestra and choirs. Drama Clubs will be part of each year from 1st Year.  A Transition Year show and participation in Drama Festivals and competitions will be encouraged.