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A co-educational, voluntary day school under the patronage

of the Church of Ireland located in Greystones, County Wicklow





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Statement of Ethos

Temple Carrig Secondary School is proud of its links with the local community and seeks to build on those links.  The Board of Management of Temple Carrig Secondary School is also mindful of the patronage of the School and of the particularly Church of Ireland ethos of the School which permeates all aspects of the education of our pupils.

The Board of Management and our staff, work to promote moral and spiritual values in our students and inculcate the standards of personal responsibility and respect inherent in the religious ethos of the School.  While it is a Church of Ireland School, our pupils come from widely differing faith traditions and many come from backgrounds of no faith at all.

Our School works to take those moral and personal values which are strongest in our faith and promote those values amongst our entire student body regardless of their faith background.