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iPad expectations at TCG

The integration of the iPad into our learning and teaching at TCG has increased our digital citizenship and teachers and students developed classroom expectations to promote a culture of respect and appropriate use at Temple Carrig. These were negotiated with the students and will be continually reassessed as our needs develop and change. Click link below.

Students have access to a wide variety of learning tools and apps that allow for creativity, flexibility in demonstrating knowledge, greater use of research and independent inquiry tools.

 This is also a great opportunity for students and parents to learn together as this correlates with their use of devices in everyday life. Technology can be a great tool and resource but can also be very distracting. We also know that digital safety is of utmost concern for parents and teachers alike.

Discuss the iPad frequently with your child and look over the expectations with them. You can help them learn to focus on completing their assignments at home before they play games or engage in other activities online. This is a great opportunity to learn a critical life skill by managing multiple sources of information and potential distractions.

Attached on this website you will find some up-to-date information about apps, social media, and digital safety.

TCG iPad School Expectations