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Temple Carrig Report by Three First Year Students

Within one term of secondary school I have tried so many new things - Spanish, French, German, Woodwork, Technical Graphics, Home Economics, Business Studies, Philosophy and much more. So I can now say hello in FIVE different languages, I can make a wooden car and I understand a little about assets and liabilities. At Christmas, I will pick my optional courses to do for the next three years. It has been great fun trying all the subjects, and I have learned so much!

Throughout the year, we have different competitions which feed into the House Cup. Each house competes against the others to score house points - it's very like Harry Potter! So far, we've done a chess championship, cross-country and debating. Hockey is great I have played before in primary school but it is so different now. Instead of just having one team we now have four. And now we have at least one match a week instead of maybe two a month.

Recently, we went on a retreat to Ovoca manner which was so much fun! It is a religious adventure centre in Wicklow where we did lots of outdoor activities like rock-climbing and balancing challenges. As well as challenging us individually, it showed us the importance of working as a team.

It's definitely exciting for anyone starting secondary school, but it has been particularly exciting for all the First Years in TCG as it is a brand-new building. I can't wait to see what it will be like in the future.

Lily Bellhouse

I have been in TCG now since early September and has been a big change from my old school St Patrick's. For a start, it's much bigger, even though we still don't have access to the whole building, but we hope to use it soon. It has also taken time to get used to changing classes and classrooms every forty minutes - you have different teachers for every class.

I am really enjoying it chance to try out different optional subjects such as languages and others like business Home Economics, Woodwork, etc. We have a fantastic selection of sports to choose from, including Girls and Boys Hockey, Rugby and we also have Zumba and Arts & Crafts.

So far this year, we have had two outings: one a day out to Lough Dan and more recently we had a retreat for a day in Ovoca manner where, despite the bad weather, we had great fun. The activities included bonding and trust exercises, talking about what our identity means to us and a climbing wall.

Temple Carrig is a fantastic school and the Principal, Mr Cox, and the teachers all treat us very well and we have great respect for them. Personally I feel I am very lucky to go to a place like TCG and I'm going to enjoy my days in secondary school.

Mia Smyllie

Temple Carrig School is a wonderful secondary school with so many extra-curricular activities on offer such as Hockey, Rugby, Cross-Country, Drama, Debating and so much more.  

It is a very early start in the morning (8.15am), but after a while you do get used to it. The teachers are so kind and helpful and their standards are very high.

We've gone on two trips in the last term. This month we went to Ovoca manner in Avoca, where we went on a team challenge, tried rock-climbing, did "the Leap of Faith" and many more activities. We also went on a hike up to Lough Dan which was so fun and let me meet so many new friends.

Here in TCG, we are a community and a great one. I haven't been in TCG for long but I really love it. I have made many friends and I hope to make more as my six years go by.

Mya Hall