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TempleCarrig TheatreClub presented Resilience on Wednesday and Thursday 22, 23rd November in 'Croi na Scoile' of the school.

Resilience is a new show created in a participation based process with the young people of Temple Carrig School. The adolescent members of the cast have identified the issues they feel are most important for our community to address. They feel that these are the issues that their parents and teachers are not aware enough of. They have devised the situations, they have defined the themes, they have created the characters.

The adult members of TheatreClub, all teachers and youth workers in the school, have merely put a structure on their ideas and facilitated the space for them to rehearse and develop the play to a very high standard of performance.

Through the medium of drama, 'Resilience' deals with issues of body image, domestic violence, peer pressure, online bullying, neglect, transgender young people, sexuality, depression, and suicide. The overarching focus of the play, however, is not all of these issues but the resilience the young people must find and how they do so in their day to day lives in order to overcome the many obstacles they face at this stage in their lives.

This is one of the key events in Stand Up week this year in Temple Carrig, where we, as a community, send a message to all the young people of our school making it clear that whatever it is they're going through, if they're experiencing it as a student, we want to be supporting them as a school. If they're experiencing something as a young person, we want to be experiencing it as a community.

TempleCarrig TheatreClub